Monday, October 25, 2010


ni pic arisha....skunk ni tgh nk membesar then now skunk ni tgh learn jump pose invented by me tau....pic ni taken by my sis nachika danisha yg nk jadi photographer tpi x confident....skunk ni i ade kat kl tpi bosan coz x de saper like family for supporting me selain my friend kat kl ni....nk citer segala penat aekal tpi nk wat cm ner x nk ssh my family and friend so x yah la citer wat happy jew....hurmmmm,....windu kat family cm nk blk jew...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


this is my sister daughter,her name is ARISSHA very cute gurl and the cutiest child but always giving the angle smile behind the liltle devil face,but i still love her because the kayporness.arissha very intelligent baby gurl,she know how to speak and understand what her mummy said..always be my niece and very naughty gurl key huhuhuh

Sunday, October 3, 2010


lets talk about me..
my new hair is blonde,creating more edge look so i dont look like ordinary a extra ordinary,the whole hair inspired from supermodel agyness deyn actually i love the cut on miss deyn then i put on my hair and it work very well..
as usual i never go out without my zara blazer make me got more manlish look..and safer
under blazer is my calvin klein basic shirt,black colour..
my bag was a gift from a friend,its from local wearing its because im not so into to international designer coz if u not support the local designer who will be then?am i rite!!!
pants chatuchak market thailand...350baht
shoes as u can c at my previous picture about fashionistas im wearing the same shoes so its mean i choosing comfort over fashion...

picture was taken at PAVILION KL


after tired sightseeing around pavilion..we all feel tired,me with my 2 friend joe and fizah looking for a place where we can sit back and enjoy the view...firstly we thought wanna go to starbuck but the place was full so we heading to this place call DAILY KOPITIAM...when we do the first order it was 2 piece of egg tart,2 piece of bread inside got tuna i dont how to call it,then prawn mee i think and for the drink is teh ice and 2 sunquick...everything was fine and is it..then come this staff send our meal..i was like schock and shy..coz the staff is a man a very fine man...(terkejut ckit) then i told fiza that man is handsome..then fiza said to me that man call rais (staff name) was her friends i was schock to hear that..but i dunt believe what fiza said..then i personally ask rais..
>me(do u know the gurl who sat with me?)
>rais(no,i dont know her!!why?)
>me(nothing,just asking...
we smile at each other...hahha i knew it that fiza and rais is not a friends hahha..
so be brave u know the real answers hahh


lepas raya abes,owg kawen lak...hish hidup x penah benti mkn...bleh gemok q jadi nyer...pic ni mek mse my kazen kawen just 2 day ago after this post..pic ni mek mse kat kampong kterowg sume rewang pastu owg tua kat cner maen mahjong dlm erti kata mereka lancak pew ntah q dh lupa dh...Dlm pic ni ader my kazen yg baju biru pkai sunglasses and my both sista yg rmbot perang and rambut itam kat sebelah q yg berambot blonde sme ngan my sis and my kazen pnyer tgn pon ader kat ctu cme muke dye x msok...the theme for the wedding blue and vanila cantek sgt....

Monday, August 2, 2010

katy perry take transtar bus to singapore

This is my friend his name is rizal zakaria,the lady standing besides him is KATY PERRY....RRRRRRRRRRRR im so jealous of him.KATY PERRY take TRANSTAR bus to singapore after performing at MTV WORLD STAGE at sunway surf beach malaysia...congrats rizal u don't deserve to served her..only me and no other person...hish..u so $#!$#$!# next time please dont u ever sabotaj my trip okey...anyway i love u and love KATY PERRY....

Saturday, July 3, 2010


a place all singaporean call the most hip island sentosa singapore..blazer from ZARA,white t from ZARA MAN,pants bought at CHATUCHAK weekend market in thailand and shoe from bugis street in singapore only $10 heheh cheap rite..
u know i thing about me i love to be on the fashion,a crazy fashion style always in my mind and much of my style influence from lady gaga the lady i call FASHION FREAK LADY ALL CENTURY...after this pic u will seen me more to wear all the crazy style coz i now i make some research how to follow lady gaga style without over doing it..coz u know im a MAN GAGA

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

school holidays

sorry guys it being a long time i dont update my blog only now i have a time to do it.Recently my life has being quite buzy with the trip that i have to run in school holidays..tired and stress but the thing is i get a lot of income from what i do the best.Singapore school holiday,all parents bring their children go holiday in genting so there is my job begin.Alot of cute lil' kids crying,laughing and arrogance huh hate that when small kids know how to be snobby..key until now i tell u more after the school holidays is ended key

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This pic was taken when i get my off days after a hardworking days...photoshoot with my sister friends dania,photographer is my sister nachika danisha...location at batu layar,johor bahru.Beautifull beach and scenenary,there also got other photographer,i think 3 of them.if u guys wanted ur pictures taken by my sis u can contact me through facebook and search nachika danisha...key i'll update later key..

Friday, May 7, 2010

This pic was taken when we all go to thailand on 24/04-26/04/2010.Far left ,ANES the miss world try to be,MOHAMAD who try to be a top blogger and FATIN who actually wants to be skinny.Eventhough they all got issues with themself i still love them they are my friends,a place for me to laugh n cry.This is the first time we all go to thailand without knowing anything.Also at that time there RED T-SHIRT group,it all because of the politic,but we all still go there eventhough our parents din't allowed it.Chatuchak weekend market is the first palce we go when we all arrive at thailand,over there they sell so many thing from clothes,furniture,souvenirs,vegetables,pets u name it and u can almost find anything what u want.I did the shopping thing,almost 8000 thb i spend over there in 1 day can u imagine that.Okey i'll update later,with more pictures and video bubuy love and peace from aekal don't forget to drop some comment yeah..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

pompuan cantex kat sebelah aekal ni name dye fiza,owg nye cantex cm miss malaysia.dye suke mendengdangkan lagu joget.Dengar je la t kter owg nyanyi lagu joget kelakar sgt pastu ader gak nme kawan aekal nana kuning bleh la tahan cantexdye pon sukeer lagu joget smpi kter owg wat group nk nyanyi lagu joget ni tpi kesian dye x der kat dlm video ni....x pe aekal tujukan video ni kat dye...dan korang sume jgn lupa comment,suker ati kowg la nk ckp pew bak kata aiman x ksah...huhuh c u soon

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Once upon the time,there is a boy who really love fashion industry.The name of that boy is aekal mustaffa,yeah that me,i really love to dressup simple as it can be.I love wearing jeans with t-shirt only,sometimes short is my fav.but u know i really love to be fashion freak sometimes because it will make me standout from the others,that me...who love to create attention in crowded area.Maybe someday i'll show u how fashion freak i am,huhuhuhu...Now i'm working as coach attendent in singapore,im very proud of my job eventhough the management kinda suck but it okey as long i got the payment...okey guys next time im gonna tell u bout myself and what goin on with at moment luv u