Sunday, October 3, 2010


after tired sightseeing around pavilion..we all feel tired,me with my 2 friend joe and fizah looking for a place where we can sit back and enjoy the view...firstly we thought wanna go to starbuck but the place was full so we heading to this place call DAILY KOPITIAM...when we do the first order it was 2 piece of egg tart,2 piece of bread inside got tuna i dont how to call it,then prawn mee i think and for the drink is teh ice and 2 sunquick...everything was fine and is it..then come this staff send our meal..i was like schock and shy..coz the staff is a man a very fine man...(terkejut ckit) then i told fiza that man is handsome..then fiza said to me that man call rais (staff name) was her friends i was schock to hear that..but i dunt believe what fiza said..then i personally ask rais..
>me(do u know the gurl who sat with me?)
>rais(no,i dont know her!!why?)
>me(nothing,just asking...
we smile at each other...hahha i knew it that fiza and rais is not a friends hahha..
so be brave u know the real answers hahh

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