Friday, April 20, 2012

hye my not so many reader,it being a lobg time i dint updated my blog,well been very buzy for the few month.I change my job to bigger brand, its salvatore ferragamo
life been bless with new job with higher salary yet still not enough for my expences,which i have a lot commitment now,with my new car and my motobike yeah
finally i have earn some harta for my self
i will show u my pic of my car and motobike soon
i see u soon key

Friday, August 12, 2011

ahhahah...this me in fucking hidious look of formal look..its just happen one time coz i had an interview with this really greats company...(airline) so i have to do this...end of the day ..the results is fucking tired and i dint get the job...but will try again till i got it....NEVER GIVE UP,NEVER SURRENDER...
ehehhehe...this is my bro...
were taken at bukit tinggi resort..this not a gay picture.The reason we take this picture is because of the hot body we had..well not hot enough..but we r dont take this as gay picture...because its not, okey.....we not a gay man.,..hahahahah

Saturday, February 19, 2011


ari ni nk g singapore ...with my sister and niece,going to bugis and mayb sentosa..hurmmm u guys can wait later until i upload the new pic fly from singapore...yahooo...hope having this pic amek mse dlu im stay in singapore....jap ae...amazing shoot by me without editing okey...location at marina bay sands resorts

Monday, October 25, 2010


ni pic arisha....skunk ni tgh nk membesar then now skunk ni tgh learn jump pose invented by me tau....pic ni taken by my sis nachika danisha yg nk jadi photographer tpi x confident....skunk ni i ade kat kl tpi bosan coz x de saper like family for supporting me selain my friend kat kl ni....nk citer segala penat aekal tpi nk wat cm ner x nk ssh my family and friend so x yah la citer wat happy jew....hurmmmm,....windu kat family cm nk blk jew...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


this is my sister daughter,her name is ARISSHA very cute gurl and the cutiest child but always giving the angle smile behind the liltle devil face,but i still love her because the kayporness.arissha very intelligent baby gurl,she know how to speak and understand what her mummy said..always be my niece and very naughty gurl key huhuhuh

Sunday, October 3, 2010


lets talk about me..
my new hair is blonde,creating more edge look so i dont look like ordinary a extra ordinary,the whole hair inspired from supermodel agyness deyn actually i love the cut on miss deyn then i put on my hair and it work very well..
as usual i never go out without my zara blazer make me got more manlish look..and safer
under blazer is my calvin klein basic shirt,black colour..
my bag was a gift from a friend,its from local wearing its because im not so into to international designer coz if u not support the local designer who will be then?am i rite!!!
pants chatuchak market thailand...350baht
shoes as u can c at my previous picture about fashionistas im wearing the same shoes so its mean i choosing comfort over fashion...

picture was taken at PAVILION KL