Friday, May 7, 2010

This pic was taken when we all go to thailand on 24/04-26/04/2010.Far left ,ANES the miss world try to be,MOHAMAD who try to be a top blogger and FATIN who actually wants to be skinny.Eventhough they all got issues with themself i still love them they are my friends,a place for me to laugh n cry.This is the first time we all go to thailand without knowing anything.Also at that time there RED T-SHIRT group,it all because of the politic,but we all still go there eventhough our parents din't allowed it.Chatuchak weekend market is the first palce we go when we all arrive at thailand,over there they sell so many thing from clothes,furniture,souvenirs,vegetables,pets u name it and u can almost find anything what u want.I did the shopping thing,almost 8000 thb i spend over there in 1 day can u imagine that.Okey i'll update later,with more pictures and video bubuy love and peace from aekal don't forget to drop some comment yeah..

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