Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Once upon the time,there is a boy who really love fashion industry.The name of that boy is aekal mustaffa,yeah that me,i really love to dressup simple as it can be.I love wearing jeans with t-shirt only,sometimes short is my fav.but u know i really love to be fashion freak sometimes because it will make me standout from the others,that me...who love to create attention in crowded area.Maybe someday i'll show u how fashion freak i am,huhuhuhu...Now i'm working as coach attendent in singapore,im very proud of my job eventhough the management kinda suck but it okey as long i got the payment...okey guys next time im gonna tell u bout myself and what goin on with at moment luv u

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  1. On this pic im wearing shirt from LEVIS,pants from GIORDANO and shoe from ZARA MAN.Dont forget to drop some comment yeah love u